Monday, March 4, 2013

Amazing? Just a Tad...

So, it turns out, the only thing cooler than getting to meet one of your favorite, rock star illustrator/designers is finding out that they're super-down-to-Earth, generous, and humble.

That was my experience this weekend meeting Tad Carpenter. What a great guy! It was very inspiring to hang out with someone so passionate about his/our industry and about life as a creative-type. ('We get to do this!')
Saturday morning, Tad (and AAF Acadiana) offered a branding & illustration workshop. It ended up being a room filled with a bunch of my favorite Lafayette doodlers & designers, just doing what we all love to do. 

Tad had us pull a random animal and city out of a hat, and create a restaurant brand based on the two. I pulled 'Alligator' & 'Las Vegas' and was inspired to combine the just-under-the-surface, lurky behavior of a gator and the casino culture of the strip into a Bar & Grill called 'The Lucky Lurker."

Thanks, Tad, for bringing your creative spark to Cajun Country!

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